12814627_10207426553196575_4568414370856178803_nPanx is an independent filmmaker and painter from the Philippines. He explores the relationship between oral tradition and visual art. This exploration will hopefully, one day, take him to a world beyond the words. His work in video and film have started in 2008 as a working student. It was only in late 2015 when he decided to pick up a brush to honor the death of his grandmother who was a modista – drawing and making clothes to raise nine children.

He finished cum laude as Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. In July 2014, he finished magna cum laude, Master of Arts in Documentary Film Directing under the Doc Nomads scholarship program of Erasmus Mundus. This allowed him to grow towards a creative path in documentary. His films have been screened internationally, including a programmed screening in the Chicago International Film Festival 2014 and Doclisboa 2015.